Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lus Clarita - The First Gay Club in Dili

Not many people knew about it. But LuS Clarita a new club for gays just opened in Dili. The Club is own and run by 3 Timorese (2 girls 1 boy)

On Saturdays, the club is open for the Gays, but you still see many straight and gay curious, both local and international there.

The club located on a roof top with nice view (see picture on the lft).

1 comment:

  1. HI.guys how are you?
    I like this posting and really want to have fun and enjoy in your club lus clarita.

    I show on internet it really nice club,that can makes everyone enjoy I think.
    so,let me asking you about your club.
    what time will it started to open,what time will it close?
    is that many friends from another coutry like AUSTRALIA,AMERICA,PORTUGAL AND SO ON,come to your club maybe?

    so,if you don't mind can you please give me your club number phone TIMOR-TELECOM PLEASE?
    I want to meet with some all of your friends from another country if they want to have fun.

    best regard.......